About Dustin

Dustin’s story reveals what you can do with personal drive and commitment when faced with life’s obstacles, inspiring anyone with the courage to meet the challenges of life head-on and make something extraordinary out of it.

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Years of Experience

Dustin's story

Dustin Ring has accomplished great success. Underlining Dustin’s key to this accomplishment is the determination and hardwork he put in to dealing with challenges and adversity along his journey.


Dustin Ring is on a mission to help others succeed despite any challenges they may face. Dustin knows firsthand what it's like to struggle, but was able to turn his own life around and find success.


Dustin Ring has a clear and motivated vision for success - for himself, and for everybody along the journey. Dustin strives to make sure that everyone gets opportunities to succeed on their own terms.


Dustin Ring has been wildly successful in the world of wholesaling, having completed 350 deals in the past three years.


Dustin's timeline

Dustin has battled a considerable amount of darkness, but chose to push forward regardless of the difficulties ahead. Dustin was eventually able to realize success through wholesaling real estate by leveraging his skills, experience, and knowledge.


The Struggle

Dustin Ring has firsthand experience living on thirty thousand dollars a year. Dustin recalls running out of funds to cover overdraft fees, and his bills were not paid. This led Dustin to living on the worst side of town where he felt like he could not make it anymore.

Early On

Dustin Ring is a military veteran, having served prior to pursuing his long-time goal of becoming an actor. On a personal front, Dustin married, but that relationship later ended in divorce. Despite this part of his life coming to an end, Dustin continued to remain positive, looking forward to what the future had in store for him.


Finding Success

Dustin Ring has had great success with wholesaling over the past three years, having completed 350 deals. Dustin is still active in the local market and is now eager to expand his reach beyond local areas. Dustin's ambition is so strong that he just released a book discussing his successful strategies for wholesaling which includes tips on how to make the process easier.

Breaking Point

Dustin Ring found himself in the never-ending cycle of being broke. He felt overwhelmed with no way out, and began to turn towards thoughts of suicide as an escape route. Dustin eventually overcame his difficulties, staying determined even when things seemed darkest. Realizing that his challenges were only temporary and could be conquered with hard work and perseverance.


get started with wholesale real estate

Dustin has been successful in the field for many years and is recognized as one of the best resources in the industry. He offers a wealth of knowledge and insight about how to properly approach, purchase, manage and resell investment properties for maximum growth. Reaching out to Dustin could give you the spark you need to jumpstart your own real estate venture.